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We build our training around you!
Want to learn from John Reardon?

There is still time to register for John Reardon's amazing workshop Entitlement: A current contagion on February 24th from 12:30 to 4:30 PM at 5509 Eden Prairie Rd, Minnetonka.
The workshop will address social ansd cultural pattern that becomes predominant in our lives, will discuss how entitlement develops, how it manifests itself, and ways to deal with it.  As it always happens in John's workshops, you can expect a lot of input and many engaging dialogues.

Working through client's grief?

Join us for Grief 101 - Counseling clients through their time of loss, from an Adlerian perspective with Carri Sullivan on March 17th, from Noon to 3 PM at 4900 Hwy 169 North New Hope.

Carri is a bereavement counselor with HealthPartners Hospice and Palliative Care, with years of experience in the field, and passion for all things Adler. The experiential workshop will address importance of therapist's comfort with acknowledging and addressing grief and loss struggles in individuals and families; will identify current bereavemenrt risk factors; and will explore practical and helpful tools for Adlerian therapists.

This workshop has been approved for 3 CEUs for LPCs and LPCCs by the MN BBHT.  Approval by MN BMFT is pending.  

With questions e-mail us at [email protected]
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What Are We Up To?

This is what we have been asked a lot ever since Adler Academy of MN was born. Six months into existence, where shall we start?

1. Two Adler Academy Kaffees were huge success! The last one on February 10th gathered more than 50 people, coming and leaving at different times, doing Birth Order walk with Jana, art experiential with Emily, BD candle lighting with Rindie, John, and Marina, and more.  A photo booth was variably busy, and invariably fabulous. Kids have a great time with Lori. Logo contest winners were announced.  And our Adlerian favorites - hugs, mingling, and food.  See some pictures at our gallery here and if you have pictures to share,  you can now upload them too, thanks to our CTO Rindie!  Just make sure that people on your photos are OK.

2.  The Adler Academy Board is a super charged group of the best people one can get for the job, and for the fun too. More Board News will be coming separately in April, when all roles will be confirmed.  

3. It is hard to know what part of the Academy is the most exciting (I am getting easily excitable these days).  Still, having our Certificate in Advanced Adlerian Psychotherapy approved by NASAP for CEUs is one of the best news in last several weeks.  The classes will be offered as both F2F and online; and we plan to have our first cohort starting in May.  Read an overview here, e-mail us with questions at [email protected] and watch for more news.  

4. Two monthly sessions of WWAS (What Would Adler Say?)  were held so far.  Please e-mail [email protected] to RSVP and stop by on the second Saturday of the month from 10 AM to 12:00 Noon at 4900  Hwy 169 North Suite 309 for support in professional development, and Adlerian conversations on any topic.  These events are free and open for everyone!

5. See more events (local, national, and global) here, and let us know if you want us to post your events or other news on our website.  No charge, of course!  We will be happy to keep expanding Adlerian circles.  You can also sign for our diablogs here and start or join our dialogues! 

Fondly (John's word) and Deeply in Love with All of You (these are my words),

Marina and John 

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Heather Matson's design above became an official logo for the Adler Academy of MN. We liked its elegance, clarity, and its congruence to our mission.
Congratulations and we will see you in Indianapolis! 
See how this logo fits our website
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And More!!!
This image above - whether on someone's T-shirt, or on a coffee mug, or on a folder cover - will become a bright cue that someone around you like Adler Academy of MN. Congratulations, Rebecca! We will see you in Indianapolis!
See this design on our LinkedIn page and connect to us
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Happy Birthday, Dr. Adler and Dr. Dreikurs!
As John has said after the event, "Never thought of "Adler traveling on plates of cake."  Of course, he then added, that our main treat is "raw honeyed Adler". Yum!!!!

View some of our pictures and upload your photo here
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Butler U (Indianapolis) a site of ICASSI 2017

ICASSI 2017 registration is now open.  Go to official ICASSI site, read about classes and registration deadlines, and apply early.

Read More about ICASSI
We are now starting to publish brief essays on important topics.  Today, we feature Changing Helicopter Parenting Patterns by Leah Macpherson. Read and tell us what you think, or what you have observed, or - better yet - what is one to do to make a change in other people's lives.

Overprotective, or helicopter parenting, often comes from a place of love: a desire to clear the way for our children, and protect them from life’s discomforts, disappointments, and harm. However, insulating our children from the realities of life’s challenges and setbacks can fuel the fires of inferiority and disallow our kids and teens from developing the skills and resiliencies required for a successfully navigating relationships and the world around us. Adler believed that pampering (or helicopter parenting, in our modern lexicon) leads to “extreme discouragement, oversensitivity, exaggerated emotion and retreat” (Ansbacher and Ansbacher, 1956, p. 242). When parents “hover” and manage every situation, interaction and relationship, children can be disallowed the opportunities to develop the necessary skills to meet life: courage, compassion, and social connection. The result can be discouragement and a sense of inadequacy.
A useful approach for helping parents reframe and reimagine the role of caregiver to one of cooperator and co-problem solver, and to create opportunities for children to develop independence, emotional resiliency and courage, is the metaphorical shift from pilot to co-pilot. When children are small and helpless, caregivers are the guardians of every waking and sleeping moment. As children develop, it’s important to shift to co-pilot mode, and provide age appropriate opportunities for exploration, trial, risk, and failure. Adlerian philosophy has encouragement at its heart—as do the most powerful parenting approaches—“aimed at giving the child a sense of self-respect and a sense of accomplishment” (Dreikurs, 1964).
 Ansbacher, H. L. and Ansbacher, R.R. (Eds.) (1956) The Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler. New York: Basic Books.
Dreikurs, Rudolph with Soltz, Vicki. (1964). Children: The Challenge. Penguin Putnam Inc., New York, NY.
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