Who is This Program for? The Adler Academy Certificate in Advanced Adlerian Psychotherapy is designed for professionals or professionals in training who want to advance their knowledge and skills in Adlerian theory and practice.  The basic entry educational requirements for a Certificate are either a completed Master’s Degree in behavioral/social sciences/education or a completed Bachelor Degree (or an equivalent) with a graduate degree in process (currently enrolled as a Master’s or Doctoral level student), satisfactory essays explaining the purpose of application for a full certificate or a course of an applicant choice, and an interview with an instructor teaching that course.  The basic entry occupational requirement for a successful applicant is an employment (paid or pro-bono) in the fields of mental health, social services, or education, OR a graduate level student status in any of the above areas.  An individual with a Bachelor degree (or an equivalent) and no advance training (completed or in progress) may take up to two courses, but not a complete certificate. What Are the Schedule and Format? Five core courses will be offered in face-to-face and online format. Each face-to-face course will consist of two monthly full day (8 hours x 2) classes/units, home reading and other activities for each unit, final project, and 4 hours of didactic experience for each course.  Each online course will consist of six units (three units per month = two months), home reading and other activities for each unit, final project, and 4 hours of didactic experience for each course.  Didactic experience will be conducted with a faculty who is not a teaching faculty for the course and who will help a student in a course to process Lifestyle experiences inevitable in the course of study.  Didactic experience is not a personal therapy; but another way of applied learning in general and understanding Adlerian psychology on a personal level, in particular. Who will Teach Me? Several approved faculty members will be teaching the classes.  Please check with us on a specific class instructor(s).   Cost An all-inclusive cost for each course is US $300.00, and US $ 1500.00 for five courses (not counting 20 hours of required “intensives”) Go to the Shop to purchase courses by check or credit card or go to the installment plan page to split the course cost into three payments. Cancellation/refund policy Student/participant can cancel their enrolment any time by e-mailing info@adleracademy.org.  If cancellation request is submitted before the first class (F2F) or the first OL unit, a refund is 100%. After the first half of a first F2F full day or one unit in OL course, a cancellation refund is 75%, after a first full F2F day or after three OL units – 50%.  The percentage is defined by the time passage, whether a student participated in a course or not. As a policy, there will be no refund after 50% of course interaction, whether F2F or OL. No CE credit will be awarded to anyone who attended less than 100% of the course. Cancellation/refund policy if a course is cancelled by the Adler Academy of MN If a course is cancelled by the AAM, a full refund is issued. Special needs Application will contain a question asking about special accommodations that may be needed. Reasonable special accommodations (in OL classes and in F2F classes) will be provided, including physical access to F2F class, pace of a class and deadline for assignments (in both modalities), screen-readability and other ADA compliant features of OL media, and other features as necessary. Contact names and contact information for special needs accommodations Marina Bluvshtein marina.adleracademy@gmail.com or 763-464-4783