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Log in and test out
Quick update on my task items:
* Create newsletter groups and add profile fields- done. This is the first test of the Board Member list! 
* Add users to the system so we can collaborate on the forums - This took longer than expected, so sorry about that. I had to fiddle with a bunch of stuff to try to make sure no one but us could access these pages. I think I have it though. :) 

So, now that think I have the Board Area locked down to only Board Members, I need each of you to log in so I can add each of you to your groups. It "activates" your buddypress profile that then lets me do technical things that I won't bore you with.

With the exception of Marina, Brook, and Ken (who were already in the system), please take a moment to click the giant button above and log into the system. You can poke around all you want; jump right in and start posting/creating/editing/customizing; or just log in and then close the window. 
I plan on making the training video tomorrow. I will send out a separate email after that is complete. 

Your username is your email address and you should have gotten a link to change your password. If not, just click this link to reset your password:

Any trouble, shoot me an email.
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