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by John Reardon


The formation of the Adler Academy of Minnesota (AAM) was a signal of a shift. Many of us now understand that we are in the same position that Adler was in at the turn of the 20th Century.

He was:

 ---promoting "HOLISM" in a period of scientific, structural reductionism, and "cause and effect" process.

---he was critical of so-called psychologists that did not consider "the soul" as the real study.

---he was equally critical of psychologists that did not embrace transcendence and metaphysics.

---he in effect called them "physiologists" and not psychologists.

---through his systemization of felt inferiority, striving to overcome inferiority, movement to the goal of superiority, and "mistaken beliefs" creating private logic, which supports neurotic and psychotic striving patterns, he worked hard at challenging, demonstrating, retraining, and encouraging the science/medical trained practitioners of his day.

---when he was refused entrance into the "academic halls", he took his knowledge, skill, and striving into "the streets". By espousing the "Normal", as a pattern of "adapting" and "using personal energy and courage to meet life's difficulties", Adler made a difference in people's lives. Soon, "Adapting and Maladapting" replaced "illness and sickness" as the point of treatment. His psychology remains a psychology of "use" and function, and not of "state".

---he was clear that "all problems are social problems". Life was seen, by nature, to be profoundly relational.


AAM has emerged at a time where the message of Adler has brought us together. And in that bringing together there has been a true sense of joy. That joy was expressed in our gathering at the Cafe. In the energy expressed during that gathering, those leading were assured that a new movement for transformation through Adler is not only possible, it is essential. The energy of this Community makes it possible and compelling.


We know that Adler has transformed us. We know Adler transforms the lives of those we encounter and encourage. We know Adler is a kindly and counter-cultural force. We know that social interest is the mark of mental health. We know that cooperation and contribution gives life to those around us. We know we have the courage and the discipline to overcome "minuses", and create "pluses". Through AAM we will, together, continue to deepen our personal and collective grasp and dedication to being and bringing Adler to a world wanting to be more fully human and alive. And, as the transformation occurs, we will know, we are Adler in our world. 

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What is New? What is Coming?
by Marina Bluvshtein
  1. We just had a very first (inaugural) meeting of the Adler Academy of Minnesota Board.  With 15 people in attendance, we had to deal with the same good challenge as we had for the Adler Cafe on October 1st - not enough space, and that reminded me of my childhood communal kitchen.  Of course, communal is a key to a good kitchen, as nothing good can be cooked solo! Don't miss our next newsletter with announcement about the results of Adler Academy Board elections!
  2. We also just held a very first meeting of the Council of Elders (CofE). This was a coordinated effort of the Adler Academy of Minnesota and Adlerian Network aimed to preserve traditions and to train the new generation.
  3. A first of the monthly drop-in WWAS (What Would Adler Say) consultation groups was held on January 14, 2017. Click on our Calendar of Events for more details and next meeting. Bring your ideas.  These meetings are for you!
  4. We are launching a Certificate in Advanced Adlerian Psychotherapy. The first fully online course will start in late February.  Read more and ask questions by visiting a Certificate page on our website.
  5. Do you miss John Reardon’s teaching? Many do! Plan to come to his four hour workshop “Entitlement: A Current Contagion” on February 24th, 2017 from 12:30 PM to 4:30 PM. 5509 Eden Prairie Road, Minnetonka, MN 55345. To register, go to Adler Academy Shop 
  6. And more workshops are coming, including the ones that are fully virtual.
  7. We want to hear your news too.  Send us a note and we will get it on our calendar and/or in a newsletter.
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Adler Academy Kaffee
Save a date for another great Adler Academy KaffeeFriday, February 10th,
from 5 PM to 7:30 PM (come any time)

at Artspace Jackson Flats,
901 18 1/2 Avenue, NE Gray Gallery, Minneapolis, MN 55418.
Plan for
food, fun, friends, art (of all sorts), Birth Order Walk, an activity for the kids, photo opportunities, Q&A with Becky LaFountain about ICASSI 2017, and more!
Bring your birthday story to share, and tell us if Ferbruary is your birth month!
Guess what is the occasion for the celebration?
Go to Evite to RSVP or read more on our website Adler Academy Kaffee page.
We want to see you!
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Butler U (Indianapolis) a site of ICASSI 2017

ICASSI 2017 registration is now open.  Go to official ICASSI site, read about classes and registration deadlines, and apply early.

Read More about ICASSI
Random Pages

This is a continuation of a new feature in our newsletter.  In it, I share my thoughts on a randomly opened page in Adler's book, or an Adlerian book, or any books that I read through the Adlerian lens. This is not rehearsed, and not long. A sample of imperfection, if you will.

A purpose is to invite you to do the same. Simply go to a bookshelf, grab a book, open it on any page, read the first paragraph that will catch your attention and think it through an Adlerian lens. You can do the same with a newspaper, or a web content.  Then, record a few minute video or an audio and send it to us.  We will include it in a next newsletter.  The more voices and the more faces - the better. And, multiplicity of opinions is completely an Adlerian phenomenon too.

If you are interested, click on Nonrandom Discussions about Random Pages, and join a conversation.

Marina Bluvshtein
Adler Academy of Minnesota
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