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Adler Academy of Minnesota was founded in July, 2016.

But its roots in the Twin Cities reach back to the Alfred Adler Institute of the early 1970s that was founded to continue the work of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs in helping teachers and parents. The Institute became a satellite of Adler University Chicago, and offered Masters-level courses in Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy; in 1991, Adler Graduate School was accredited to award Master of Arts degrees. In 2016, Alder Academy of Minnesota was founded to promote the principles of the Adlerian Community and Beyond.

Adler Academy of Minnesota is a community of trained Adlerians who are committed to continue the work and traditions of teaching and learning Adlerian psychology, and spreading Adlerian philosophy. Adler Academy of Minnesota is an affiliate member of NASAP.

Adler Academy offers CEU-based workshops and opportunities to develop community.

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Marina Bluvshtein

Founding Partner

Allen Burns

Rindie Eagle

COR member

Catherine Cich

Lori Wagner


Ruth Katz

Vice President/COR member

Pamela Oberoi

Roslyn Paterson


Tamara Whear

Justina Stich

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Brook Chase

LeAnn Heimer

Julie Jackson

John Reardon

Jen Boyd

Hallie M Williams Sr.

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