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The fall conference date is set! Sept 29, 2023

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8th Annual Adler Academy of Minnesota Conference

Helping Clients Change: Building Resilience in the Face of Global Threats and Anxiety

This conference has been approved by the MN board of psychology for 7.0 CE’s. (Awaiting approval for MN BBHT and MN LMFT).

Join us on September 20, 2024, for a day of learning clinical and personal skills to build resilience in us, our families, and our clients. The presentations and experiential exercises will focus on generational trauma and parenting, the impact of culture on stress and trauma responses, bodywork, and the transformative power of metaphors.

Every day, we wake up to a world that has become increasingly turbulent. Many social institutions, from families to global communities, are turning into battlegrounds where nobody wins, accompanied by worldwide anxiety, mass hysteria, large-scale traumatic experiences, and global threats. Our conference theme was prompted by seeking personal and clinical sources of emotional strengths and opportunities for renewed wholeness amidst global uncertainties.

Please join us on a day of reflection, renewal, greater clinical understanding, and courage-building skills.

Who will present?

Amy Lew, PhD, is an Adlerian therapist working with individuals, couples and families since 1977. She is a teacher, supervisor, and mentor.  Amy has co-authored five books for parents, teachers, and couples. She lives in Manchester, Massachusetts. You know her name as a co-author of Crucial Cs. At the conference, she will present the power of Crucial Cs and how they relate to the ability to cope in stressful times, guide us in applying the crucial Cs in stressful situations, and demonstrate the use of family meetings to develop necessary coping skills.

Marina Bluvshtein, PhD, is an Adlerian therapist, researcher, supervisor, and writer. She took her teaching to 20 countries, and authored more than 30 articles. She is a professor at Adler University and co-founder of Adler Academy. At the conference, she will present “Blood and Bone Memories: Breaking Temporal Constraints in the Third Generation of Mass Trauma Survivors.” The discussion will be followed by live demonstration of working with postmemory.

Pamela Oberoi, MA LMFT, is the director of the Refugee Mental Health Program at Pathways Counseling Center in St. Paul. She also works in private practice and contracts with organizations that work with individuals and families experiencing domestic violence. In this capacity, she primarily works cross-culturally. At the conference, she will present “In the Shadow’s Light: Navigating Cultural Sensitivity in Trauma Work.” This session delves into the nuanced intersection of culture and trauma work, exploring how cultural considerations profoundly impact therapeutic approaches and outcomes.

Nicole Lovald, LAMFT, RYT500 is an integrative psychotherapist and the owner of Healing with Heart Psychotherapy. She is also one of the co-owners of Spirit of the Lake Yoga and Wellness Center in Shorewood, Minnesota. Nicole is a marriage and family therapist (LAMFT), certified life coach, reiki practitioner, and registered yoga teacher. She is the author of Om Sweet Om: A Corporate Junkies Search for Enlightenment. At the conference, she will help us to understand the physiology of stress and how the fear response impacts both physical and mental health. She will engage us in learning how to build resiliency and widen the window of tolerance to better navigate stressful times with standing movement, breathwork, a sound bath exercise, and meditation.  


French Park Visitor Center – Oakwood Room
Three Rivers Park District

3000 Xenium Lane N, Plymouth, MN 55441


September 20, 2024, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. CDT

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8th Annual Adler Academy of Minnesota Conference

Helping Clients Change: Building Resilience in the Face of Global Threats and Anxiety This conference has been approved by the MN board of psychology for 7.0 CE’s. (Awaiting approval for MN BBHT and MN LMFT). Join us on September 20,

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From: Social Equality: The Challenge of Today, Rudolf Dreikurs, 1971, p. 222.

“The spiritual and moral support we all need in the discouraging tribulations of our daily lives can only come from a group in which we are truly one another’s brothers. We need each other’s help in our efforts to be as good as we want to be, to be as effective as we can. We need each other to remind us of our ideals and to give us persistence in pursuing them. We need each other to stimulate our devotion to the common good, to stir up our willingness to feel with each other, to live with each other, to belong to each other in a long-delayed fulfillment of humanity’s most cherished and ancient dream: the brotherhood of man.”

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