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Adler Academy of Minnesota was founded in July, 2016. But its roots in the Twin Cities reach back to the Alfred Adler Institute of the early 1970s that was founded to continue the work of Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs in helping teachers and parents. The Institute became a satellite of Adler University Chicago, and offered Masters-level courses in Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy; in 1991, Adler Graduate School was accredited to award Master of Arts degrees.

The two principals in the new Adler Academy of Minnesota are Marina Bluvshtein and John Reardon, both of whom taught at Adler Graduate School, and have 50 + combined years of clinical experience. You can read more about them at http://www.phoenixprocessconsultants.com/about-us and LinkedIn, Dr. Marina Bluvshtein. In addition, there is a community of trained Adlerians within the Adler Academy of Minnesota.

Adler Academy offers CEU-based workshops, a certificate program in Advanced Adlerian Psychotherapy, supervision, consultation, and wellness work.

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This is who we are

We are a very creative team, you'll see.

Marina Bluvshtein Founding Partner



John Reardon Founding Partner


Carla Anton

Carla Anton Historian

Ken Becker

Ken Becker COR/Program

Allen Burns

Allen Burns Tech/COR/Finance/Program

Brook Chace

Brook Chace Treasurer/Finance/Program

Rindie Eagle

Rindie Eagle Tech

LeAnn Heimer

LeAnn Heimer VP/Governance

Paulette Henderson

Paulette Henderson Program/Marketing

Julie Jackson

Julie Jackson Fundraising/Marketing

Ruth Katz

Ruth Katz

Alison Kelly

Alison Kelly COR/Finance

Pamela Oberoi

Pamela Oberoi COR/Program

Roslyn Paterson

Roslyn Paterson Secretary/Governance

Lori Wagner

Lori Wagner President/Governance

Ives Wittman

Ives Wittman Program/Marketing


Adlerian Principles


Pomote Cooperation

Support Professionals

Support Professionals

This is what we do

Train Practitioners Train practitioners in specific Adlerian principles, skills, and applications to increase their effectiveness.
Mentoring Provide Adlerian-focused mentoring, consultation and supervision.
Community Feeling Establish a contemporary Adlerian community that will promote Gemeinschaftsgefuhl (community feeling).
Development Promote the use of Alfred Adler's principles in human and organizational development.