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The summer social interest challenge is a post on the blog. 
The Resources post has it's own page and ready to be added too. 
Summer Social Interest Challenge
Send us a link to your short video about what you will be doing this summer that shows social interest and we will post them below. Or…
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More coming soon NYFS Positive Parenting of Teens
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1) The Social Interest video project: I have set up an Adler Academy youtube channel (I believe) and it should be ready to host tons of social interest videos. On the blog post about the challenge, I have a link for people to upload their videos directly to the playlist to make the process more automated. I would LOVE if others would test this out for me. If you create your own video and click here then you should be able to log into your youtube channel and then check the box to "add a video." It will automatically add it to the list and show up on the website. 

2) I have reset everyone's password except Paulette, Carla, Marina, and Allen since they have logged in before. Your username is your email address (except Brook its: cbchace) and the password is adleracademy. Please let me know if you still can't log in and we will work until you can. Log in Link:

3) Reminder - the link to the training videos is below just in case.

4) I have updated the About Us page with the board members. I need from each of you a profile picture you would like me to use. Or - when you log in, you can edit your profile picture there and I can just grab that and use it for the page. If there are mistakes, mispellings, etc jusst let me know. 

5) When you log in and go to the forums, if you are missing from a committee just let me know and I can add you or you can just request to be a member of the group and a group admin will add you.

6) I created a Resources page that is ready for resources to be added. I was thinking it can go under Adler Everywhere to keep the menu clean. Any objections? 

Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns or ideas.

Training Videos
Click the link below to view the training videos. This should get you started. Let me know if I need to cover anything else.
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