Winter Oak: Some trees are just amazingly sturdy



  1. Julie

    “Today’s mighty Oak is yesterday’s Nut that stood its ground”

  2. John Reardon

    In the Celtic world, the oak groves were where the wisdom, and the sacred rites and conversations happened. They were protected and guarded for those very reason. Anyone up for training to be a DRUID? John Reardon

  3. Julie

    King Arthur’s Round Table is the Duir !

  4. Julie

    The oak tree’s mirror its branches and stretch as far below ground as the branches do above. Even Excalibur can’t pull it up!

    • Julie

      Re visiting The Oak Tree.

      Act as if it were true.

      The Picture in the mind is vivid
      Where lies the things that Dreams are made of.
      Negotiate with negation.

      The winds are howling
      The crows are sent
      The trunk is shaken
      Haste or Hestitate

      • John Reardon

        Julie, back to the nut of the thing.

        Injured and broken?
        Grasped by earth,
        Soaked and softened,
        Wetness so foreign,
        Hardness lost.
        In loss, some new urge.
        New growth stretching
        Grasping and clutching,
        Shooting out, uniting.
        In memory, a wondering.
        An old echo.
        Ah! Crack!

        John Reardon

        • Julie

          John, I cracked it ! (Who are you, we have not met yet?)

          Here is another thought:-

          Courage; Why are you perplexing me asks Ambition
          Why are you perplexing me Ambition ?
          Seems you can’t and you can
          Seems you can and you can’t. Whose speaking to whom here ?

          We listen to Echo’s resounding void, insanely.

          • John Reardon

            Julie, it is good to formally meet you. My name is John Reardon. Guess we are connecting because Marina and I are CoFounders, CoDirectors, and CoConspirators here at the Adler Academy of Minnesota. Another way for you know what I do is for you to go to my website (

            Love your riddling and dilemma posing thoughts. Echo was, as you know, the “wanna be friend” of Narcissus. She followed him around and repeated everything he said. She was so enamored with him, she had no voice.

            I think Marina and I are wanting to give voice to maximizing Adler, in a world where “soul” (psyche) is being reduced. The latest gambit by the “Medical Model” is EBT. EVIDENCE. Not “wellbeing”. Or, “wellness”. Or, fully alive.

            Hope you are with us, and I have really enjoyed our dialog. Thanks for being there and contributing. John R.

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